Our Mission: Keeping dogs in their homes, and out of shelters, through training and education. 

Common Questions:

What type of training do you do?

   Currently I am practicing training designed by Mark and Stephanie McCabe called Training Between The Ears. This training focuses on changing the dogs actual feelings towards situations/stressors rather than just teaching them to deal with them. It is heavily based in relaxation techniques and teaching coping skills. That is not to say there is not a place for corrections when needed, and if it would benefit your dog and situation there are tools in my toolbox I will suggest to you such as ecollars, vinegar squirt bottles or starmark collars. These tools are not right for every dog or every situation, but I do want students to keep an open mind about them incase we want to try them in the future. TBTE is a food based program, and I am happy to work with diets and allergies if you let me know what they are. 


What types of cases do you take?

   Currently I am focusing on non aggression cases, I do not take dog or human aggression cases. Mild cases of reactivity or resource guarding are taken on a case by case basis and must be evaluated in person before being allowed in a program. I am mainly taking cases involving teaching dogs and kids how to live together, basic gun dog training, Nosework, and helping families find the perfect dog for them via match maker services. 


Can I find a place to get introduced to TBTE?

      You can find our introductory exercises, 6 Days to a New Life with your Dog, at this link: https://cmrivers89.krtra.com/t/hrmQI6L3ogdT

This is the homework every new client to my programs is assigned to get started. We also have a facebook group we invite you to join: TBTE-Teaching Dogs to Heal. 

If any of that sounds like a good fit to you, I encourage you to check out the "Training Programs Options" page to learn more about pricing and structure.