Boarding Prep Class!

We get asked alot about if we board dogs, which our answer is "only for current or former training clients". If you've ever taken a program from us you are eligible for our boarding. Also we only offer this program to those in South Whatcom (Bellingham), Skagit, Island, and Snohomish counties as I drop off and pick up your pup.But we now have exciting news!


We have made the "Boarding Prep Class" so those who haven't yet worked with us can become a member of our preferred boarding program. The details:


This course is 2 weeks in length.


It is designed to find out about your dog's level of socialization with other dogs, aggressive tendencies (we do not take ANY level of aggression in any of our programs or boarding), crate training, if separation anxiety is present and to what degree, and behavior in the car.


This is accomplished with 2 up to two hour visits, 1 a week. If your dog does well at the first visit, the second can be a full day of day training (where I pick them up in the morning, work them during the day, and then drop them back off) if they need some work, you'll leave the first session with homework and we will do the second as a follow up. If they are doing well then we will schedule a day training day after that.


Once you dog has passed, they are good for life (baring any major aggressive behavior shifts). However there are no refunds if after the course your dog is not cleared to join the boarding program. However we can discuss additional training to get you to the point of passing! Just signing up for this course is NOT a guarantee your dog will be allowed into our boarding program.


The fee for this prep class is $195.


Our boarding program is not like many others. Here it's not just "sleep away camp". They will come home with better behavior than they left with because they get training time every day they're here. It is not as much time as a board and train would get, but it is a couple times a day every day mixed with more "off" time than the b/ts get. They also get to go on field trips with us to stores and parks to work on their social skills. Why not sign your dog up for a working vacation while you're away!? The fee for this program is $50 a day paid upfront. You'll also get pictures, videos, and updates during their stay here.


If you'd like to sign up for our prep course you can pm us here, email us at or text us at 360-972-3576