Dog Training Program Offerings

We offer multiple training options to fit your needs, budget, and learning style. It is just as important that training clicks for you as it is for your dog! 

Private sessions are very popular, and a great option for those who need structured support in their home setting. 

Board and training takes the heavy lifting of training off your shoulders. Let me lay the ground work, and then bring your dog back and teach you how to carry on.

Match maker services to help you find the perfect dog to add to your family!

Scroll to the page of each option to learn more about how they work and pricing. 

Our training style is balanced and holistic, NOT "purely positive". While we strive to make training as positive as possible for each and every dog we work with, you will learn how and when to give your dog small, fair corrections for better communication. Your dog will have moments of "training stress", meaning putting them into situations that may be new and uncomfortable for them (such as working in a store or a busy park) and taught how to manage that stress. We use treats in our training, but it is not our only tool for motivation. We strive to use all four training quadrants in our training to better help you and your dog live happily together. Tools are optional, an open mind is not. I welcome your questions, and many can be answered by checking out our blogs here on the website and our social media pages.