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Good day! My name is Christina and I am the owner and trainer here at Best Paw 4ward Training, which I opened in 2019. My goal in becoming a dog trainer was simple: To teach owners and dogs how to happily live together so dogs will not get surrendered to shelters. I have worked in shelters on and off for almost 15 years, as well as owning my own hunting dog rescue. Behavior issues are one of the main reasons dogs are turned over, and more often then not those issues are fixable problems. It is my hope to change that, both before someone even brings a dog into their home (I believe in adopt OR shop and happily help find reputable breeders for people as well!) as well as after they have added to their family. 


The students I seek in my programs are puppy owners, rescue dog owners, and families with children.  I share my home  with my daughter and our 4 dogs (Bailey, the German Shorthair; Stella Luna, the Shep/Collie mix; Seiko, the Pom and a certified therapy dog; and Winston the Shiba Inu/Chihuahua mix.)


I hope I get the chance to meet you and your dog and share my passion for canine behavior with you. Owning a dog is one of life's great joys, we are blessed to have them in our lives and homes. 

For the Dogs,

"Auntie" Christina, Your Family Dog Trainer 

professional dog trainer
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