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How to Capture the Purfect Holiday Images!

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

Your pet is the cutest around, and you want to prove it with holiday photos. You have awesome ideas, but how the heck do you make them happen?? Here are some tips for you!

*For starters, it helps if your pet has been exercised prior to their photo shoot (for a number of reasons).

*Some basic training will help you a lot. Break down your idea for the photo into smaller steps, and teach those separately, then chain them all together! Examples: I want my dog laying next to the tree with a Santa hat. First, teach place to a blanket or tree skirt. You can lure your pet onto it, give your "place" command, and then treat on place (that is a very basic method, you can find videos on our facebook) Then move that closer to the tree, rewarding for leaving said tree alone. Then teach your pet to have the hat on. Show your pet the hat, treat. Move it closer to the pet, treat. Go slowly, treating at each stage until your pet is wearing the hat and not fussing about it. From there, put your place next to the tree, send them there, put on their hat (Reward them for putting up with you) and start taking your pictures! As you can see, practicing before the day of the big shoot can be very helpful! Also of note; bring out the good treats! The string cheese, the hot dogs, the cheese wiz; anything safe for your dog that they don't normally get.

*Using the multiple capture feature on your camera will be your best friend! Not only because pets move so dang much, but you'll also catch some very amusing "bloopers" that are priceless!

*I also want to note some plants and hazards to your pets to be careful of:

Poinsettias, they may not kill your pet, but they are toxic to them. Use fake ones instead (That goes for all these plants really)

Tree needles



Tinsel (Especially with cats, watch this one!)


Cords of lights

Be mindful of the lights themselves if you are trying to put them on your pet, ensure they are not going to get hot and burn them!

Last but most important, have FUN! You may not get the picture you imagined in your mind, but you might come out with something even cuter!

For the Dogs,

Christina DTFC

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