Let's work together! It is fun for you and your dog!

Does your dog ignore you? Do you feel like they live to get under your skin? Or maybe you just got a puppy and want to get off on the right foot? If any of these sound like you, we can teach you how to build a true relationship with your dog and define your goals for your life together. This is different for every family and we customize this to fit your interests. 


Your initial consultation is up to 2 hours where we get to know each other and do your first lesson! The fee is $100

House Manners 101- This program is for those who just need help inside their home. Behaviors we will work on: greeting guests, place training, crate training, recall around the house and yard, potty training, kitchen manners, and barking in the home. In this program you receive 1 check in a week via Zoom, email, call or text in between appointments. $749

The Good Neighbor Program- We will work on everything from HM101 but in this program we will include leash manners work and if desired ecollar/off leash work. In this program you will receive 2 check ins in between lessons. $949

The Well Rounded Public Citizen Program- In this program we will work on everything from HM101 AND TGNP PLUS you receive unlimited check ins between appointments and your choice of a package of Pack Walks (group get togethers with other BP4W Students where we meet at fun places such as farmers markets, parks, beaches etc with the dogs and work on their public manners) OR a package of Day Training (where I pick up your dog in the AM, work them out in public for a full day, and then drop them back off in the PM.) $1499

Don't live another day unhappy with your situation! Call or text us today to get signed up! 360-972-3576