Let's work together and make life fun for you and your dog!

Private training is a very popular program for pet families because I come to your home and can help with issues in real time. This can be a great option for people who need a bit of structure and are ready to dig in and roll up their sleeves!   

Your initial consultation is a 90 minute in your home session where we get to know each other and see a bit about your dog's behaviors, you will also be introduced to some training exercises so you can get started right away working towards a better life with your dog. This session is $100, which will be subtracted from the package price if you sign up for a package within one week of the consultation. Our service area is Bellingham, Skagit, Island, and Snohomish counties. 

Please note!!!!!!!! None of these programs are designed for any form of aggression. If your dog is human or animal aggressive, they will not be accepted into our programs. Beginning stages of resource guarding (not attempting to attack anyone but uncomfortable sharing), mild reactivity (barking and lunging but with no attempts to actually bite or injure), and early stage separation anxiety (uncomfortable being left alone but not in full blown panic mode) are acceptable, along with puppies and newly acquired dogs who just need some manners. If your dog has any of the 3 behavioral difficulties listed above you will be required to sign up for The Good Neighbor Program at minimum.

House Manners 101- This program is for those who just need help inside their home. Behaviors we will work on: greeting guests, place training, crate training, recall around the house and yard, potty training, kitchen manners, and barking in the home. $750

The Good Neighbor Program- We will work on everything from HM101 but in this program, we will include leash manners work and if desired e-collar/off leash work. PLUS, now that restrictions are lifting you receive a package of Pack Walks (group get togethers with other BP4W Students where we meet at fun places such as farmers markets, parks, beaches etc. with the dogs and work on their public manners). Your package of Pack Walks is valid for 1 year from the time you pay for this program level and includes one event per month for 6 months.  $950

Don't live another day unhappy with your situation! Call or text us today to get signed up! 360-972-3576

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