Self Paced diy courses

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We are so excited to roll out our brand new self paced, DIY training courses!


These courses utilize videos, handouts, blogs and other material to help guide you in your training. We are building these courses from the ground up, one at a time.


Once you pay for these courses and get your link, you can access these materials anywhere, anytime. You can even get the Google Classroom app on your phone (a free app and program) to keep these with you on the go! These videos and materials are accessible to you forever, so there is no rush to finish. There are no tests to take or assignments to finish, it is up to you!  

You can text or email me with questions during your course, and phone calls can be scheduled Mon-Sat for up to 45 minutes (limit 2 phone calls) 

For any course, you can opt to pay an additional $100 to have access to 1 one hour in person session if you are really struggling (in our service areas only. These can be found on our contact page)  

Puppy 101

Our most detailed class! Every single thing you need to know about puppy raising! 

Sample topics covered:

  • Crate training

  • Kids and dogs

  • Socialization

  • Health and grooming

  • Nutrition

  • And many more!


Hours of videos and almost 30 handouts! As well as access to me if you get stuck! 


Live now!

Ecollar Short Course

An introduction to how to properly and humanely use ecollars in your training. (Your dog should be at least 6 months old)

Sample topics covered:

  • How to choose an ecollar

  • How to fit an ecollar

  • Conditioning to ecollar

  • And many more!

Launching soon, check back!

Basic Commands for Any Age 

A frame work of what to teach a dog of any age! 

Sample topics covered:

  • Leash training

  • Socialization

  • Recall

  • Leave it

  • Kids and dogs

  • And many more!

Launching soon, check back!

Adopting a Dog 

Everything to know before and after adopting a dog! 

Sample topics covered:

  • What to look for in a rescue

  • How to choose a dog

  • First boundaries to set

  • Introducing to your pack

  • And many more! 

Launching soon, check back!

Potty Training Adult Dogs 

Sometimes you run into an adult dog having potty training issues. Learn how to fix them!

Sample topics covered:

  • Potty Bells

  • Potty Pads

  • How to clean messes 

  • And many more!

Launching soon, check back!

Hiking and Camping with Dogs

Best practices for being out in nature with your dogs! 

Sample topics covered:

  • Gear

  • First Aid

  • Training tips

  • Where

  • And many more! 

Launching soon, check back!


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