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6 Week Puppy Programs on Zoom!

We will meet once a week for one hour to work on training; with unlimited texts and emails in-between for me to support you! I offer two levels of Zoom training: 


PL2 is for puppies 7 months to 1 year of age. In this level of training we will cover how to add the 3 Ds (Distance, Distraction, and Duration) to all your commands, how to advance their impulse control, and how to continue working on their leash manners to prepare them for off leash fun. $298

Dont forget to book your FREE 30 minute Zoom consultation to receive our video "Place Training: Unlocking Impulse Control and Relaxation" FREE!

PL1 is for puppies 8 weeks to 6 months of age. The topics we will cover will include how to potty train your new puppy, how to get them to walk nicely on a leash and to come to you when you call, how to control their puppy impulses, how to properly socialize your puppy, how to get your puppy comfortable with handling, and crate training your puppy. $298


We also have level 1 and 2 adult dog Zoom classes which follow these same outlines, AL2 can be customized to meet your goals if your adult dog already has a strong foundation of training. 

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